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Main Dishes

Roasted Potato Salad with French Lentils, Leeks and Asparagus

This healthy and full of flavour salad ticks all the boxes. Loaded with plant based protein it is an all in one dish. And it is rich in prebiotic fibre that your gut bugs will love helping you maintain good gut health.

Black Bean and Barley Salad with Orange and Coriander

A delicious zingy salad made from warm barley and black beans tossed in a citrus vinaigrette. This salad is excellent for lowering cholesterol.

Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Crispy Beet Green Chips

 A delicious vegan version of potato leek soup made with coconut milk and topped with crispy chips made from beet greens

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Pasta

A delicious and quick to prepare all-in-one dish that even kids will love.

Soupe au Pistou

A French version of minestrone soup served with a basil rich pistou sauce. 

Beetroot and Lentil Salad with Macadamia Cream

A lovely salad rich in flavour topped with a decadent cream made from macadamia nuts

Smokey vegetarian chili that is so delicious you won't even notice the meat is missing.

Pan Fried Lima Beans with Feta, Spinach and Sumac

Creamy melt in your mouth lima beans topped with tangy lemony flavoured sumac.

Persian Pomegranate Pumpkin Salad with Baharat, Bulgur and Brussels Sprouts

A colourful warm salad with earthy spices and creamy feta.

Kale and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Sweet kale offset by tangy cheese on a crispy pizza base, this is a family favourite.

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